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In today’s global business environment, speaking Spanish can dramatically improve your career prospects and give you unlimited benefits to enrich your personal and professional life!

Taking Spanish courses online is a great way to learn Spanish if you want to study at your own pace and from any part of the world. You can start or stop the lessons whenever you want and be sure that you can re-use the material to "continue learning" at any time.

Our courses have been designed in different levels, depending on your Spanish proficiency: Elementary, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Travel.

It doesn’t matter the level of proficiency in Spanish that you have. Spanish To Move offers you the opportunity to improve your skills and acquire new tools in a variety of areas of interest: literature, history, general culture, tourism, psychology, self-help, science, religion, business, daily life, politics, economics and humanities.

Our program is easy to use, portable, inexpensive, Money Back Guarantee, and offers interesting lessons from absolute beginners to advanced learners, in the Spanish used by native speakers in everyday situations.

Judge for yourself. It's time to move forward. You have everything to gain!

Online Course

  • 190 self-study lessons (text, audio and video)
  • 5 end-of-course examinations (DELE format)
  • 5 certificates of completion (record of completing the courses successfully, matching the proficiency requirements of the Spanish courses studied. These certificates have no official academic recognition)

Live Spanish Classes

  • Up to 3 free demo classes with different teachers for choosing a personal tutor
  • 43 online tutoring sessions via Skype with a native Spanish teacher (50 minutes each)
  • 43 teacher’s reports with feedback for the student
  • 5 end-of-course reports on the proficiency of the student

ALL IN ONE - Spanish Programs includes these courses

Elementary Spanish Program
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Basic Spanish Program
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Intermediate Spanish Program
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Advanced Spanish Program
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Travel Spanish Program
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