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Online Spanish Courses

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Spanish 1. Spanish for Beginners.jpg

Spanish for Beginners

Learn the alphabet in Spanish with pronunciation and the basic vocabulary in Spanish that will let you understand simple phrases. 

The most common words in Spanish are presented in seven languages: 

English, Français, Português, Deutsch, 官话, 한국어, 日本語.

Spanish 2. Spanish Basics.jpg

Spanish Basics

Basic vocabulary in Spanish is presented in daily life stories and repeated in different contexts. 

These Spanish lessons use the easiest grammatical structures and the most common Spanish verbs with conjugations in present tense. 

Spanish 3. Intermediate Spanish.jpg

Intermediate Spanish

These Spanish lessons are intended for independent users who already have some experience and want to become fluent in Spanish.

It is focused on Spanish verbs with conjugations in simple present, past and future tenses. 

Spanish 4. Advanced Spanish.jpg

Advanced Spanish

These advanced Spanish lessons are focused on Spanish verbs with conjugations in different tenses, impersonal verbs, the passive voice and the conditional tense. 

The emphasis is on the comprehension of specialized topics.