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Learn Spanish online_Lee Cox

Spanish To Move is an excellent way to learn or improve fluency and confidence in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. The lessons are in a very easy, straightforward format, and they can be repeated as often as the student needs to repeat them. The live sessions with native tutors also help to improve speaking ability, develop correct pronunciation, and increase confidence in communicating with native speakers. Also, Spanish To Move provides fun and interesting challenges and cultural information on Twitter for those who want extra practice with Spanish and who also want to learn more about the fascinating different Spanish-speaking cultures.

I've been speaking, reading, and writing Spanish for 42 years, but I still find something fun, entertaining, and challenging every time I interact with Spanish To Move. You will, too! Lee Cox

I truly appreciate all your work and effort in helping us in our journey to learning the beautiful Spanish language!!! I love Spanish To Move. I am not an absolute beginner but have only recently begun to study again and I think I'd consider myself an upper beginner and want so much to really progress more and more. Time of course is always a factor for me and I am such a visual learner which is one of the reasons I love Spanish To Move so much. Muchas gracias!!!!! Tammie Tucker

Learn Spanish online_
Learn Spanish online_Carmen Wright

This course is like no other course. It has been designed by some people who have studied a foreign language and have picked up on the pitfalls. They have come up with a method that is practical and easy to understand. You can start using it right away without rules and confusion (kind of “building blocks”). Someone with a sense of humor may even have fun with it: role play with other people, add your own expressions or words, and go back and forward as much as you dare. Carmen Wright

This is my first year at university and I had to pick a language to learn. I didn’t hesitate even for a second: I chose Spanish. However, little did I know that I needed some previous knowledge of this language. I came across Spanish To Move on Twitter and followed them on the spot. They provided me with amazing lessons and I am profoundly excited about learning more. Spanish is a beautiful language and if you are willing to learn it, look for Spanish To Move. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Stella Popova

Learn Spanish online_Stella Popova
Learn Spanish online_Tanssim

I have learned a lot of words from Spanish To Move. The team are so helpful and they don't hesitate to give advice. The PDF lessons and the free broadcast are so useful. So fortunately I have a Spanish language which is moving! Tanssim

I have already studied 6 lessons. It is not very hard for me to learn. The texts learned in the first lesson always come out in the next few lessons. It is really good for the beginners to remember and use. Thank you for the classes! Wei He

Learn Spanish online_Wei He
Learn Spanish online_Gabriela Lopez

I really like the PDF guides and how they include grammatical notes. This is extremely helpful even for someone who speaks the language fluently, but does not always practice writing. Gabriela Lopez

It is a very good site, as well as you get replies for your tweets. Every time I tag Spanish To Move on Twitter asking them if my structure is right or wrong, they reply as fast as they can. Keep up the good work! ¡Buena suerte! Reem Mostafa

Learn Spanish online_Reem Mostafa
Learn Spanish online_Josue Moreno

I have visited many pages to learn Spanish, but you offer a very creative and easy method to learn Spanish. You are the best :) Josue Moreno

Would recommend to anyone!  Chris DeFord

Learn Spanish online_Chris DeFord

“All Americans should start moving toward fluency in Spanish.”


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


“US has 41 million native Spanish speakers plus 11.6 million who are bilingual.”

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