Spanish​ Vocabulary: Clothes


Elementary Level

Elementary Spanish Vocabulary


  • The most common words used in daily life.
  • Audio file to help you learn how to pronounce the verb.
  • Text/Audio sync video to help you associate the Spanish sounds to written words.

  • Available translations: English, Français, Português, Deutsch, 官话, 한국어, and 日本語.

Follow our 3 Step Guaranteed Method:

Spanish To Move
Spanish To Move

Spanish To Move® is a Spanish learning program designed by experts to ensure effective and long lasting learning. We follow the direct (natural) method of teaching, developed to immerse the learner in Spanish in the same way as the learning of the mother-tongue: in a natural way. Teaching is done in Spanish, grammar is taught intuitively, there is a focus on speaking and listening, and only useful everyday language is taught.

This method has been adopted by key international language schools such as Berlitz and Inlingua, and many of the language departments of the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. State Department.