Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Spanish To Move®? We have the answers.

What is Spanish To Move?

Spanish To Move® is a program to learn Spanish online, designed by experts to ensure effective and long lasting learning. It offers different courses to learn Spanish online, from beginner to advanced levels, as well as Spanish classes where students can practice and speak in real time with certified, native Spanish teachers.

Our program is easy to use, portable, inexpensive, Money Back Guarantee, and offers interesting lessons in the Spanish used by native speakers in everyday situations.

How does the Spanish To Move method work?

With our method, you start by listening to short audio lessons with refreshing stories on a variety of topics. You can listen to them wherever you want, at any time of the day while doing many activities, such as driving your car, exercising, cooking, during your lunch break or even before going to bed.

Then, you start speaking Spanish by repeating aloud what you heard and by answering the questions from each lesson. In a few days, you will be able to grasp and speak Spanish, because this is how you learned your native language: first by listening and then by speaking!

And if you want to reinforce your knowledge or make sure that you are doing well, just take a look at the English translations, text/audio sync videos, and grammar clues that we have prepared for you, or choose one of our certified Spanish teachers for an individual Spanish class according to your needs.

How is the Spanish To Move method different from traditional methods?

For most adults, learning a foreign language can be daunting, because most of the programs are focused on memorizing difficult grammar rules, verb conjugations, endless lists of words or flashcards. Furthermore, students are forced to use boring textbooks and have to take stressful exams.

Spanish To Move® helps you to learn Spanish easily and effortlessly, like a native, because it works in the same way you learned your native language: by listening. When you listen repeatedly to the same information, you are able to learn vocabulary and grammar patterns unconsciously, just like a baby learns. Just think about how you speak perfectly your native language, without having to memorize grammar rules. You just know that it sounds right!

How will I receive the lessons?

To get access to Spanish To Move®, you must create an account, select a course and order it via PayPal or credit card. You will receive a purchase order in your email and then you can access the course through the SIGN IN menu, on our website. The course you purchased will be there for you. You can study it directly from our website or download it in a ZIP file to use it anywhere, on any portable device.

What if I am absolute beginner and don't understand the Spanish lessons?

Our lessons have been designed from the elementary to the advanced levels, taking into account that anyone can learn Spanish without any prior knowledge.

However, we also offer you full English translations for the Elementary, Basic and Travel courses, to make you feel more comfortable in case you don't understand anything. In addition, the elementary vocabulary is also available in six other different languages: French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

How much time will it take me to learn each Spanish course?

Individual results with our system depend on a number of factors, including study time per day, current Spanish level, motivation of the student, etc. To properly learn each course (Elementary, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Travel), we suggest that you study one hour a day. Practice each lesson as much as you can. We suggest at least 20 times each lesson, and 5 to 10 times the same lesson over the next two weeks, to understand and practice words in different contexts. When you fully understand the meaning of the lesson and pronounce the words correctly, you can move on to the next lesson. We strongly recommend to reinforce this knowledge by having 1 or 2 live classes per week.

If you follow this recommendation, you will be able to become fluent in everyday conversations within 4-6 months.

Will I learn the Spanish used in Latin America or Spain?

90% of Spanish speakers in the world (about 400 million people) are in the Americas. Furthermore, most of the Spanish students are in the United States (about 8 million), the country where there are almost 50 million Spanish speakers. For these reasons, the accent used in our courses is the one used in Mexico, which is the country with the greatest number of Spanish speakers in the world (over 110 million). However, our courses use a "neutral" Spanish that any Spanish speaker can fully understand. Furthermore, differences between the Spanish used in the Americas (in the different countries where the language is spoken) and Spain do not prevent a person who speaks Spanish with a particular accent to understand someone else who uses a different accent. This distinction is similar to what happens with the American and British English accents.

What are Spanish Classes like?

Spanish classes are 50-minute private one-to-one live sessions on Skype®. These live sessions are led by a certified, native Spanish teacher, who prepares the session in advanced, in accordance with your needs, no matter if it is conversation, grammar or any other specific topic.

Our tutors come from different Spanish-speaking countries, so you can find the tutor with the Spanish accent you want to learn.

When you select a teacher and order Spanish classes, you will receive in your email a purchase order, with the information on the sessions you booked. Your tutor will get in touch with you to ask you about your interests, so the lessons are more enjoyable for you. You can access the sessions via Skype®, from any device with an internet connection, a camera and a microphone.

How does the Refund Policy work?

It is important to note that individual results with our system depend on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, study time per day, current Spanish level, motivation of the student, etc. If after using our program you are unsatisfied with it, Spanish To Move® offers you a refund guarantee. You can ask for our Money Back Guarantee within a 7-day period after purchase. To apply for it, you just need to fill out a request form with your review of the program, so that we may take your opinions into account in order to improve our program in the future. Please note that $1-Lessons and Business Spanish Course are not eligible for a refund.

In regard to Spanish Classes, students can apply for our Money Back Guarantee in a span of up to 48 hours before the tutoring session takes place. If the student cancels a session in less than 48 hours before it takes place, or doesn’t attend to the session, refunds will not be applicable. Please note that Tutoring Sessions are not eligible for a refund after they have been accessed.

Please be aware that Spanish To Move will retain 20% of your purchase as a refund administration fee.

Looking for solutions for your business or organization?

There are over 550 million Spanish speakers worldwide, which opens great opportunities for companies that have plans to expand globally.

Spanish To Move® offers attractive packages for companies that want to offer their employees the opportunity to learn Spanish, whether training them for future responsibilities or increasing their benefits package. For more information on these corporate packages, please send a request to:

I want to be a Spanish teacher. How can I apply?

Our Spanish teachers are native Spanish speakers, certified in language teaching for foreigners, which offer our members the opportunity to practice and learn Spanish in its many different accents. If you want to become a Spanish To Move® tutor, send us an email to, with the following information: name, email, nationality and place of residence; documents proving your competence as a certified Spanish teacher for foreigners; presentation (summarized curriculum vitae); photograph with the face clearly visible; video of 2 to 3 minutes with a presentation of yourself and your services in both, English and Spanish, and availability schedules. If you are selected to join our team, we are sure you will find in Spanish To Move® an excellent opportunity for your professional development.