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Spanish Speaking Countries: Immerse Yourself in Spanish

Beaches, archeological sites, jungles, modern cities, colonial towns, art, culture, food, music, friendly people and much more is waiting for you in the Spanish speaking countries!

Do you know why this program is called Spanish To Move? Because we want you to be motivated to change, and encouraged to try new things, enjoy life and move a step forward by learning Spanish!

In fact, you can start learning Spanish immediately with our free lessons.

But we don’t want you to learn the language only; we want you to meet new people, and discover new cultures in the Spanish speaking countries. Maybe you are reading this article from a country in Europe, Asia or, why not, in Africa. Perhaps you are in North America. But have you ever traveled to the Spanish speaking countries?

A brief history of the Spanish language

The language takes its name from Spain, a region located in Western Europe. In the age of the Roman Empire, people in Spain spoke a form of Latin that eventually became the Spanish la