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The Best Way to Learn Spanish

If you have decided to learn Spanish, you should read this article very carefully, since it includes advice for beginning your study and speaking fluently in a very short amount of time.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish

If you want to discover the best way to learn Spanish, then you should read the following article very carefully, since we offer you some advice on how to speak Spanish fluently in a very short amount of time. Just follow the Spanish to Move method:

1. Listen to the audio

The first thing you should do is listen to the audio for each lesson several times to familiarize yourself with the Spanish sounds and pronunciation rhythm. You should do it for at least one hour a day during the week.

2. Read the transcript

Listen to the audio as you read the transcript. Listen and read at the same time. Again, do this several times. Reading and listening at the same time is an excellent way to improve your Spanish comprehension. Besides, it's especially useful when you're studying new content that may be difficult for you. The lessons in Spanish to Move offer you the possibility of listening and reading the text at the same time either in PDF format or in video.

When you understand all the vocabulary, lay the text aside and just listen to the audio. The goal is to listen to each audio many times until you can understand about 90% of the content without having to read the transcript.

3. Repetition is the most important thing

It's just a matter of repetition, that is, to follow this process with each lesson for about an hour every day, at least during the week, or, if possible, longer. Grammar needs repetition in order to record itself unconsciously in your brain. Many studies have shown that the key to effective learning is listening.

4. It's time to speak

Finally, after listening to the audio and reading the transcript many times, you will be able to speak Spanish by answering the comprehension questions in the lesson. Listen to the question and pause. And don't forget to answer the questions out loud. If you also want to practice with native speakers, choose one of our online Spanish teachers for a one-on-one class as needed.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Even though each person learns differently, you shouldn't go on to the next lesson until you can understand all of the lesson you are currently studying and answer the comprehension questions.

This is the best way to learn Spanish. Follow these steps and in about six months, you will be able to speak Spanish fluently.

Start with the basic lessons. Follow the order in which they appear, which means advancing from the easiest lessons to the more complex ones.

If you do not have time to practice for an hour every day, it will take longer for you to speak Spanish fluently, but the technique can be just as effective. You can also download the lessons onto your iPod, your smartphone, or onto any Mp3 player and listen while driving, going to work or to school, or riding the bus or the subway.

Remember: The more you listen to the lessons, the sooner you will speak Spanish fluently.

And now it's time to begin studying with Spanish to Move, which is the best way to learn Spanish. Welcome!

What method do you use when learning a new language?

Tell us what you think and share your comments with us.

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