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Why is it Important to Learn Spanish?

Professionals who speak English and Spanish earn 30% more money than their non-bilingual colleagues. What are you waiting for? Learning Spanish will bring new opportunities into your life!

Why is it Important to Learn Spanish

I would like to begin with a quote from Brian Tracy —one of the leading world authorities on the subject of personal improvement and sales—, from his seminar “Doubling your productivity. How to manage your time and organize your life,” in which he speaks of the importance of learning Spanish in the present-day world:

Adapt to the future and invest in yourself

In his book “The Start-up of You," Reid Hoffman, founder of the social network LinkedIn, tells a story that is the best example of what can happen if we do not acquire new knowledge and tools for our lives due to indifference, comfort or fear.

In the mid-20th Century, Detroit became one of the most important cities, not only in the United States, but in the entire world, thanks to three companies dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. During these years, millions of cars were produced, and it was believed that every family could own one. In 1955, General Motors was the first company that realized earnings of more than $1 Billion USD. Moreover, anyone who worked there had a life-long guarantee of security and employment.

Millions of people came to Detroit in search of employment, because salaries were high and the standard of living was excellent. Quite soon, Detroit became the fourth most populous city in the United States, and the symbol of this country's prosperity. However, the North American car manufacturers became accustomed to their success, paid no attention to the changes and needs of the market, thought that Asian and European manufacturers were uncompetitive, and thus began their gradual decline. In 2009, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced a loan of $70 million USD to these businesses in order to avoid their going bankrupt.

The city of Detroit, which was the symbol of prosperity, gradually became a ghost town, with high levels of delinquency and unemployment. Finally, in July 2013, the city of Detroit formally declared bankruptcy.

Learning is a priority

What is the lesson to be learned from this story? A very simple point: The world is rapidly changing and the knowledge you possess today very soon will no longer be enough. You must adapt, change, learn. It doesn't matter what your line of work is, what your profession is or what your present knowledge is. If you don't invest in your education, other people will take advantage of the opportunities.

Now I would like to ask you a question: Why is it important for you to learn Spanish?

  • Earn more money: It is a fact that people who speak more than one language earn up to 30% more money than their monolingual colleagues. For companies that frequently deal with international clients, bilingual employees are extremely appreciated.

  • Travel: Perhaps you want to travel to Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Peru or Argentina.

  • Make friends: You probably have a Spanish-speaking friend or you want to meet more Spanish-speaking people who share your interests and hobbies.

  • Earn a scholarship: Perhaps you are interested in earning a scholarship for speaking more than one language.

  • Employment opportunities: Perhaps you want to attract international customers and sales to your business and offer your product or service to the 400 million people whose native language is Spanish, or you want to apply for a job abroad.

  • Importance of the Spanish language: Perhaps you are intrigued by the fact that Spanish is the fourth-most widely spoken language in the world, as well as the official language in 21 countries.

What really matters

The really important thing is that you've decided to learn Spanish. However, it's also important to know that learning Spanish will bring new opportunities into your life and will open unexpected doors. For example, business are looking more and more for bilingual professionals, and more readily hire people who speak both English and Spanish.

Moreover, those who are bilingual earn much more money over the course of their working life than those who are not bilingual.

What are you waiting for? Today is the day to embark on this new adventure. Learn Spanish and take a step forward in your personal development!

Why is it important for you to learn Spanish?

Tell us what you think and share your comments with us.

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