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Professional, native Spanish teachers  50-minute Skype Spanish Classes One-on-one sessions Talk about your own interests Flexible, convenient scheduling Individual attention and feedback

USD $20 each

Blanca - MEXICO


I'm a Spanish teacher from Mexico. I have a university degree in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. I'm also certified to teach Spanish as a foreign language, and I've been teaching for over five years. I want to help you become a confident and enthusiastic Spanish speaker by adapting my classes to your needs, in a fun and enjoyable way. Choose me as your Spanish tutor!


I've always struggled learning foreign languages and was nervous about trying again in middle age. However, I had the good fortune of having Blanca Pelayo as my first teacher. She was very encouraging and positive from day one. I've only been studying Spanish 4 months, but she has applauded significant milestones along the way; such as recently carrying on a twenty minute impromptu conversation with her. Blanca does an outstanding job of understanding what I'm trying to communicate, even when I jumble the words and/or conjugations. She has also taken an interest in the details I've shared about my family in our daily conversations and usually laughs at my attempts at humor in Spanish. She is never critical, but does remind me exactly what day we learned a particular word, when I've forgotten it entirely.  

Thank you Blanca for being such a great teacher! Hiciste inspirar me y enseñar me mas que nunca esperé a aprender. Gracias Blanca!


Ginny Gray

I am very happy with your performance as a teacher. You are on time and prepared and patient. You are willing to wait and give me time to think. Sometimes the work seems a little easy but usually just right and when I think it's too easy I'm usually wrong. So I am happy with the class and excited to be speaking in Spanish.


Chris DeFord

Would recommend to anyone!


Brandon S

Blanca rocks. She's extremely patient and positive. She makes me feel better about my Spanish than I probably should.


Debbie Mezistrano-Boer

I have enjoyed our classes. Your explanations of grammar and vocabulary are very good. I especially like when you discuss the differences between countries. For example, how to answer a phone in Spain vs Mexico. Most importantly, you are always positive and make the class fun. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher!

Tom Anderson

I really love my classes with you!!! You are an excellent teacher!!! You are always very happy and nice. When I started taking classes with your school, I had tried several different teachers. I did not connect with them. They were nice but it did not work for me. However, I really like your teaching style. You do an EXCELLENT JOB!!!! Thank you very much!!! I would love to continue taking classes with you.


“All Americans should start moving toward fluency in Spanish.”


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


“US has 41 million native Spanish speakers plus 11.6 million who are bilingual.”

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